Top 3 Mistakes Small Business Sign Designers Make

Indoor business signs can be best for attracting attention to certain areas or products you would like potential customers to notice. These signs are targeting those who are already within your establishment or near it. Because of this, indoor signs offer more options for a wide variety of customers. This is because potential customers may not be able to travel very far before seeing the signage they’re interested in. Indoor business signage may also be used to announce special promotions or sales events taking place in the area, and these announcements may further attract customers.

Whether you have indoor or outdoor signs, there are a number of effective ways to design the signage to best benefit your business. Because these signs can be seen from a distance, you need to consider various factors when designing the materials you use along the walls and other features such as logos or messages. Designing your signage can include the types of materials used, colors, and themes, which are discussed below.

The most common mistakes people make with their business signs is not placing them where they are designed to be placed. When placing a sign on the side of a building, customers should always look straight down on the sign from the ground level. Using a blade sign, which is more commonly referred to as an outdoor sign, is one way to help ensure this. A well-placed blade sign will attract attention right off the bat and will give the same benefits as placement on the building’s side, such as a weather sign or another type of sign designed to be seen out of the elements.

When using outdoor signage, many small businesses make sure to position signs correctly, but they do not take into consideration the different requirements needed for outdoor use. Signs should be placed on non-slippery surfaces, and they need to be positioned away from anything that could fall or cause an injury. Since most small businesses are often located near or on the property of another business, this is a big concern. If you do not position your business signs correctly, they will not be seen at all.

Another mistake small businesses make when it comes to signage is overdoing it. When businesses place heavy graphics, such as vivid pictures, they often underplay their effectiveness. Customers want to immediately identify with a company, and storefront signs should have just the right amount of information without being too overwhelming. You can help to achieve a more professional appearance by selecting the right font and artwork, as well as a contrasting color scheme. Many times, a simple change in a few details can go a long way toward improving the overall appearance of a storefront signage needs.

Some business sign companies offer their clients the option of utilizing either full color or black and white images. While color may seem more dramatic to some, black and white photos are usually more effective at portraying the intended message. As with all types of signage, it is important that you discuss your goals with a sign company. They can assist you with developing a unique sign that will not only meet your individual business goals, but will reflect positively on your company as well.